lunedì 29 agosto 2011

TI Stellaris 8962 : microSD Wav audio player with PWM DAC

Stellaris 8962 is a TI's microcontroller with cortex m3 core.
The evaluation board LM3S8962 has OLED grayscale display(4bit 128 x 96), microSD adapter, 6 buttons(including reset), CAN, buzzer, Ethernet,Usb...
The board has an In-Circuit Debug Interface (ICDI) that provides hardware debugging functionality
The project play song on microSD with PWM's DAC. For this project I created template and firmware.
Display and microSD share same SPI.

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  1. can you share code for me,thanks you.(

  2. Hi Hung!!Nice to meet you and thanks for your interest about this project!!
    What is your toolchain(IAR,KEIL,Sourcery G++, other)???Do you need only a code or even help to develop a wav player with Stellaris microcontroller???
    Gian Marco

  3. hi Gian!Nice to meet you ,my toolchain IAR, i need code for TI Stellaris 8962 : microSD ,you can send for me at you

  4. I'm adapting the source code for your toolchain(IAR).

    1. Hi gian marco, I am doing a real time digital signal processing and performance analysis project. I need to program fft in c algorithm in keil uvision and talk to micro-controller lm3s8962. Do you have experience in this field?

  5. Gian send to xxxxaonguyet@gmail,please

  6. where places do you adapte code?

  7. Hi Gian ! Would you please share me the code? If it's ok teach me how to develop the project. I'm going to make an mp3 player. I use stm32, no touchscreen (just LCD 16x2). I use Keil toolchain.

  8. a Hung a Thái làm được cái này chưa vậy

  9. Hey Gian,
    I'm electronics student from Germany and I have to do some stuff with the lm3s8962. for that I need an wav player. Can you please share the code with me. That would help me so much. Thank you

  10. Hi Gian, Can you share the code with me please? I'm going to do mp3 player project with LM3S9B96. Your code will help me so much. My email: Thank you

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