venerdì 2 settembre 2011

STM32 ( cortex M3 ): microsd card touchscreen audio player with spectrum display

This is an update of project STM32: microSD Wav audio player with touchscreen.This version has a spectrum display during playback. I used DSP library for ARM Cortex-M3 based STM32 microcontrollers available from ST Microelectronics website. This license-free, and royalty-free DSP library holds large number of valuable functions coded in C or assembly language (as FFT ) including PID controller, Fourier transform functions, and a selection of digital filters such as 16-bit FIR, IIR direct-form, and IIR canonical-form filters.
The DSP library can be used with the IAR, Keil Toolchain for the STM32.
Alternative DSP functions for Cortex M3 are avaible at

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